Rick and Merri Lu can also create custom options for your journey to see John of God.

Thank you for visiting our Web site. It is an honor and privilege to be able to offer our services to you.
All blessings, Rick and Merri Lu

You may choose to participate in a one week, two week or three week tour beginning on any of the following dates:

  • Upcoming tour dates to be determined

Now living in Abadiania half the year, Rick and Merri Lu can also create custom options and dates for your journey to see John of God. Contact them by

Tour Packages

We promise you will receive straightforward, personal guidance and expert help to make your healing journey to John of God an experience you will always treasure.

Our application/contract is extremely thorough and provides comprehensive information to assist you through every aspect of preparation for your journey and we can be contacted by e-mail with any questions you may have.

Guiding You in Abadiania

We live in Abadiania half the year serving as Casa Certified Tour Guides. The dates we are available as guides are shown on our ‘Home’ page and our ‘Upcoming Tour Dates’ page under the ‘Your Guides’ heading in the menu.
Simply book us well prior to your arrival, to guide you once you arrive in Abadiania.

Tour Fee

A one week tour is $1500 per adult and $900 per child under age 13. The fee is $2000 per adult and $1300 per child under 13, for a two week tour. The fee for a three week tour is $2750 per adult and $1700 per child. A $1000 deposit is required to hold your reservation. The remainder is due in US dollars upon your arrival in Abadiania. You may pay by check (contact us by e-mail for instructions) or on this site by credit card or PayPal in the 'Tour Package' section under 'Your Guides' in the menu.

Because we work as a team, you are getting two guides for the price of one!

During your stay, you have up to 6 opportunities each week to pass by John of God. You will receive instruction about what resources the Casa has to offer in your physical healing process as well as your growth on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Utilizing us as guides allows you to remain focused on your healing and inner work.

We provide all the following for you:

  • Lodging, with three buffet style meals per day at your pousada/hotel for either 11 or 12 nights in Abadiania. (Some arrive Monday, others arrive Tuesday and some folks leave for home Friday evening while others leave Saturday or Sunday.) The tour fee includes a maximum of 12 nights paid at your pousada/hotel.
  • Written explanation of the required passport and Brazilian visa process
  • Pre-departure checklist
  • Assistance with currency exchange
  • Orientation sessions prior to your first meeting with John of God
  • Walk through the Casa and surrounding buildings for you to become familiar with its layout
  • Walk around the countryside beyond the Casa and the road to the sacred waterfall
  • Walk around the village to learn where shops and cafes are located
  • Ongoing guidance and instructions regarding Casa procedures and protocols
  • Arrangements for an English translator at the Casa when seeing John of God
  • Assistance in attending sessions with John of God and explaining his responses to you
  • Guided group visit by taxi to and from the sacred waterfall one time.
  • Checking on you following either physical or spiritual surgery and providing a list of post-surgery rules
  • Bringing meals to you in your room for 24 hours after any surgery
  • Private consultations and group gatherings to discuss your experiences, concerns and the healing progress

Merri Lu is a nurse and both she and Rick have worked with Hospice in the US and Canada and have worked as counselors. We are both excellent caregivers!

You are responsible for:Pink flower

  • Your Airfare
  • You will be met upon arrival at the airport in Brasilia. We prearrange your taxi pick-up at the Brasilia airport. You pay the taxi fare. Brazilian currency is preferred, but you can pay the current US equivalent fee for the hour and a half ride to Abadiania. Currently the price is $R180. Departure taxi to the Brasilia airport is also paid by the participant. There is a bulletin board at Frutti’s Cafe to sign up on to share a taxi (and therefore the cost) for your return to the airport.
  • Personal Travel/Medical Insurance. Pre-existing medical conditions may be covered if you purchase your travel insurance within 14 days after paying for your airline tickets. Ask your travel insurance agency. You must purchase medical insurance for the trip!
  • Passport and Br. Visa fees
  • Blessed bottled water ($R2 per liter bottle)
  • Any meals you have outside of your pousada
  • Crystal bed treatments ($R20 per 20 minute treatment)
  • Herbal Prescriptions ($US32 for each prescription you are given by the Entities)
  • Taxis within Abadiania ($R10 one way)
  • Taxi to and from the sacred waterfall ($R20)
  • Laundry service at pousada (price varies by pousada)
  • Personal shopping/crystals
  • Tips for maids/cooks at pousada (usually $R25-50 – very appreciated, but not required)
  • Any donation amount you choose to give the Casa

We suggest you bring about $US350 with you to cover the various miscellaneous items listed above. Some people spend less, some more.


1) Herbs blessed and programmed specifically for you - I'll need a current photo of you, full body from the front, to take to the Entity. I'll ask for a prescription for the herbs, which are blessed and programed specifically for your healing, through the Entity seeing your photo. The Entities immediately begin working on you, at a distance, and continue to do so through the herbs while you are taking them. The herbs are composed of passiflora (passion fruit flowers) and come in the form of easy to swallow capsules. The dosage is one capsule three times a day, taken with or without food. You must agree to follow the dietary protocol below while taking the herbs: no alcohol, no hot peppers of any kind (bell peppers are ok), no fertile eggs (eggs from a grocery store are fine) while you are taking the herbs - about two months.

Donation - US$150 for Blessed Herbs (including shipping)

2) Distant Healing performed by the Entities - I am no longer doing Surrogate Surgeries. I'll need a current full body photo facing front to take to the Entity the same as in Option #1 and the Entity will decide what treatment you need. In most cases, he will connect with you immediately and do energetic healing work, and prescribe blessed herbs for you. Sometimes he will put your photo in a special basket beside his chair and say "I will do the work", and no herbs are prescribed. This means the Entities will do the work in the night while you are sleeping. The Entities know which treatment is most appropriate for you, and with love and compassion they say they assist you “as much as God allows”. Be open and receptive to the healing energies from them. It's important to remain grateful and give thanks for their help. Surrogate Surgery is not necessary in most cases. The Entities will do the work at a distance. If Surgery is necessary, The Entity will put an X on the photo, and I will inform you.

Donation- same as for Blessed Herbs


Blessed Crystals from the Casa

There are many nice, clean pousadas (motels/hotels), which are quiet and comfortable, both near the Casa and 10-15 minutes away if you like to walk. Each room has a private bathroom with shower. Laundry service is available. Internet access and computers are available at most pousadas. The meals are excellent, with lots of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of variety for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans.





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